GPX File Name:




  • Input origin and destination
  • Click "Calculate Route" button
  • Download GPX file by "Download GPX"

Route Modification

  • You can change origination, destination, and waypoints by drag and drop operation
  • Right click in map area, you can
    • Set the clicked point as origin
    • Set the clicked point as destination
    • Clear all waypoints
    • Reverse origin and destination (waypoints order also reversed)


  • Click "Add Elevation" button if you need elevation data
  • Elevation data is shown in right bottom area
  • Elevation request rate is 100 points / sec to avoid limitations of Google Maps Elevation API

Waypoints Simplify

  • The number of waypoints is up to 4000 points by default
  • This limit can be changed by selecting option ("Full" means no reduction)
  • Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorythm is used to reduce waypoints
  • Simplified line is shown by red one
  • Distance is calculated against simplified line
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